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Trade Log

June 07, 2015 ------------
- Gifted kishidamel04 to Adelicya.
- Gifted alien03 to Victoria.
- Gifted amahara03 to Idil.
- Gifted lunadial08 to Anna.

May 17, 2015 ------------
- Gifted killjoy14 and titania11 by Lex.

May 08, 2015 ------------
- Gifted vassal03 to Idil.
- Gifted binge15 to Moe.
- Gifted jellyfish13 to Victoria.
- Traded breast13, mc-Liz for branchofsin06, mc-Jenn with Jenn.
- Gifted badluck01 by Lala.
- Gifted badluck15 by Idil.

April 17, 2015 ------------
- Traded Charlotte: data05, data14, flute02, goya03, leader08, paperfan08, prototype09, schoolprince02, sportsmanship14, viola13, violin04, vocals11 for angelysugar04, angelysugar07, angelysugar11, futuringgirl04, loligothic04, loligothic14, saboteur06, seerees11, spicyageha07, spicyageha14, swingrock05, swingrock13.
- Traded Styx: calmmind06, thunderbolt06, vinewhip01, vinewhip15, ariodoney04 for marble02, marble06, meimei03, meimei04, pizza06, powersuit06, relief02, soup02, femaleshepherds11.

April 16, 2015 ------------
- Traded Moe: calmmind06 for femaleshepherds09.
- Traded Lala: data05, freckles05, goya03, scowl08, spearhead14, tsukki09 for bohemiansky04, bohemiansky06, cyberblader09, pendant01, pendant06, ragnarok12.
- Gifted Lala balbadd09.

April 11, 2015 ------------
- Gifted Adelicya: magicaltoy11.
- Traded Adelicya: bingo02, hiraishin08, mint20, route02, route12, saine03 for r godmode02, kaiser15, melodist08, pendant04, pizza12, powersuit02, relief03, sentinel05, swoon03, trigger10.
- Gifted cello02 to Shoily.

April 3, 2015 ------
- Gifted conceal12, conceal13, eorzea19 by deo.
- Traded amitie07, certainty08, clarinet10, darts05, exorcist11, grandking13, hiraishin08, lunadial08, manipulative14, mirror12 for godmode11, lightmusic02, lightmusic05, lightning04, lightning12, pizza05, pizza07, pluto07, powersuit04, powersuit11 with iwa.
- Gifted powersuit13, relief08, suzumebachi14, swoon09, finalsmash06, finalsmash10, finalsmash15 by iwa.
- Traded backstroke11, aria10, database12, earth13, ise06, loverepinard04, lovervesta09, watergun03, whaleshark15, balloons02, trionfi14, yogurt08, zero09 for godmode10, humantyphoon02, humantyphoon04, killjoy07, marble05, meimei12, musket09, playful10, spiritwave03, spiritsword15, suzumebachi08, yukiterudiary07, femaleshepherds05, finalsmash12 with shonen.

March 30, 2015 ------------
- Gifted gambler14 by Elyse.
- Traded Jun: My battleroyale13, battleroyal15, carrot14 for crab14, soup01, soup06, soup12, soup13
- Traded Kaye: bangles09, immovable15, mute11, rabbit08, radiant03, spearhead10, gekkanshoujo01, sdcd06 for etro13, fimbulventr07, lightning07, prince05, prince13, secondchild09, secondchild14, swoon12, branchofsin13.

March 28, 2015 ------------
- Traded Styx: caduceus09, dragonrage16 for pokeralice12, branchofsin09.
- Traded Adelicya: illusions04 for pokeralice13.
- Traded Lala: toukendanshi05 for branchofsin03.
- Traded Netbug: loversulfur05, yui-nyan05, yui-nyan14, darkpulse12, mc-Liz for pokeralice11, prissy12, secondchild10, maleshepherds02.
- Traded Raie: hiraishin07, mc-Liz for pokeralice14, mc-Raie.
- Traded moe: honey09 and starshadow16 for pokeralice06, branchofsin07.
- Traded jenybear: mangekyo03 for pokeralice02.
- Traded Melissa: rosenqueen08, arcana05 for pokeralice05, branchofsin05.
- Traded Adelicya: primo08, simonfamily02 for pokeralice03, branchofsin04.
- Traded Charlotte: accuracy12, all-rounder11, malamute03 for crab14, angelmort02, earthshaker05.

March 25, 2015 ------------
- Traded moe: my sunflower13, thief06, vofan06, autumn07, simonfamily10 for badluck09, blush11, criminal01, earthshaker11, earthshaker14, etro03, femaleshepherds19
- Traded ayay: my kyrios09 for pokeralice02.


-- Traded my bladeworks10, dispatch04, kusarigama15, takeoutbox15, mc_liz for cannon01, cannon15, maxwell13 and mystery15 with ririsnow. --Gifted angel10, angelmort01, badluck04, badluck08, ballad04, ballad05, crab01, curious13, crab03, crab08, crab10, crab13, mystery08, pizza09, pizza10, prince04, prince06, prince09, prince12, scissorblade06, suzumebachi02, suzumebachi09 with ririsnow.


--Gifted bakuzan14 by ivoryandhorn.
--Gifted gambler12 by samichan.
--Gifted curious12 by ririsnow.
--Gifted bakuzan13, fimbulventr03, rainfell01 and rainfell02 by iwa.
--Swapped godkiller03 for rainfell15.
--Traded mago02 for ballad07 with daraen.
--Traded amanoakira01 for crab02 and crab04 with shonen.
--Gifted curious11 and styx10 by shonen.
--Traded gourmet14, mayqueen12 for cannon03, cannon06.
--Gifted etro15, styx03 and umbra06 by iwa.
--Traded kira15, rosary07, mc_liz for curious04, umbra05 and mc_lex with admiral.
--Traded sun09 for bakuzan01 with beezebeora.
--Gifted cannon11, curious10, maxwell06, maxwell09, maxwell13, prince08, umbra12 by beezebeora.
--Traded aquamarine08 and aristocrat05 for conceal01 and styx08 with prayers.
--Gifted umbra04, umbra11 by prayers.
--Traded medicinebreak13, research14, suspend05, wafu13, yatagarasu03 for etro10, maxwell08, maxwell14, scarf14, scarf15 with needles.
--Traded pacifist02, sit10, redeyes07 for bakuzan05, umbra13, umbra14 with anesidorian.
--Traded pai-pai-07, railgun03, tastymeow07 for styx06, swoon01, trigger08 with toxicroak.
--Traded blacksister12, iceflower08, pacifist02, pai-pai07, pink08, udajo14, udajo15, yatagarasu03, mc_liz for angelmort13, bakuzen09, conceal03, cannon10, gambler04, humantyphoon01, humantyphoon03, scarf12, scissorblade05, secondchild11, styx12 with utsuwa.
--Traded airking12, dragonrage12, pizzicato11, faketoss05 for bakuzan08, bakuzan10, maxwell04, maxwell14, umbra11 with devilism.
--Traded buriki05 for maxwell12, styx07 with scblakdrgon.
--Gifted bakuzan12 by scblakdrgon.

--Traded umbra11 for endless08 with admiral.
--Gifted curious08 by toxicroak.

--Traded carmilla08, dragonsmoke10, firefist09, mc-Liz for curious07, powersuit01, styx11, mc-Cheshire with ivoryandhorn.
--Traded nova04 for rainfell10 with vinheim.

-- Traded angelysugar12, burstingflair01, dreamycrown05, happyrainbow09, arphage05, carrot14, confident13, dancer10, exorcist10, goya03, mirror09, naive01, narcolepsy02, patissier02, patissier09, raise14, revolution05, sweetpotato04, taser08, valkyria04, viola11, viola15, virgo11, voice03, witchtrainee04, yoppi02, younger07, akihikoyoshida06, kazumakaneko02, miwashirou18, tukijinao19 for crab12, endless04, yoko02, yoko04, conceal15, cyberblader02, cyberblader11, fimbulventr15, gambler10, jaganshi01, jaganshi06, jaganshi08, mystery04, pluto05, pluto15, prissy07, spacepirate06, spacepirate10, spacepirate12, spiritgun02, spiritsword14, spiritwave02, spiritwave06, spiritwave13, sylvarant01, theend09, titania13, allstars09, allstars13, femaleshepherds07, maleshepherds03 with scblakdrgon.

-- Traded samezuka08 and redjuice07 for pokeralice15 and branchofsin08 with needles.

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